Electronic security system

Electronic Security System

We understand that electronic security is a vital component of a effective security solution. Our strategic tie-ups with global technology leaders enable us to deliver world-class technology solutions. Today’s commercial and residential buildings demand a network-based integrated facility management system that allows a multitude of intelligent systems to communicate and work in synergy.

VSS has maintained its leading position in this dynamic industry by delivering state-of-the-art building management systems, allowing clients to secure their buildings intelligently and economically. We have strategic tie-ups with leading global system integration companies for an entire range of security systems to provide electronic eye-controlled security system Solutions, Display Secure System, CCTV/IP CCTV, Access Control Systems, Intrusion Alarm Systems, Fire Detection Systems and Entrance Control Systems, based on our observations of the needs and requirements of our clients.

Our services have achieved ISO 9001: 2008 Accredited Certification, which reaffirms our commitment to ensuring credibility, and delivering a high standard of quality. We also research and develop processes that ensure an optimal use of manpower and machinery for effective security coverage.