Marketing Associate

Work for us and be your own boss.

We’re looking for a marketing associate to join our team.

Your job will consist of prospecting, conducting market research, and establishing contact between potential clients and our company. Once you achieve that, we’ll take care of the rest.

We usually get clients by cold calling them. We need you to plan and implement our advertising activities, as well as analyzing and creating consumer behavior data. You can contact customers by getting their phone numbers online. You’d only need to ask them if they need private security services and seal the deal!

We also provide Visiting Cards for free.

Requirements: Excellent communication and presentation skills, proactive, customer focus. Previous experience is desirable but not necessary. Knowledge of marketing tools and techniques is a plus!

If you close the deal, you’ll get a 20% commission. Even if you get a 10-month agreement, the total value would be around 3 lacs. In this case, you’d get a 60% commission.

If you are interested in joining us full-time, we can do that as soon as we establish enough volume of business. In this case, you’d get a fixed monthly salary (depending on the amount of work we obtain from you) plus a 10% incentive.

We have many marketing associates working across India and earning between 2 to 3 lacs per month.

You could be next! Send us your resume, and we’ll get in touch!

You can contact us at 1800 121 360360 or 9833141816 or send an email to with the subject Marketing Associate.