Manned Guarding Security

Manned Guarding Services

We are the top Security Guard Services which provide Manned guarding services, refers to a vetted, professional, and trustworthy security officer, guarding your premises.

Our officer’s are selected by strict selection process with their complete background checkup and their intensity to protect our clients.

The aims for static security are:

  • To guard premises against unauthorized access or damage.
  • To guard property against destruction, damage and theft.
  • To protect individuals against assault or injury caused by the unlawful conduct of others.

Types of Guards:

VSS provides Personal man guard security that are bespoke to the requirements of our clients. Whether short or long term, or if you need immediate action we can provide the optimum levels of service and cover for your peace of mind. Whatever your business or sector, corporate, retail or commercial we have a static solution that can be tailored to your specific needs.

At VSS our officers provide not only a visible deterrent, but their presence also can help to combat against theft and vandalism. Our officers react quickly and appropriately to threatening or potentially dangerous situations and additionally they provide bespoke customer service.