Dog Squad Security Service

Dog Squad Security Management Service

Our dog squad comprises highly pedigreed and trained German Shepherds, Doberman Pinschers and Labradors along with skilled and experienced handlers. These squads are effectively used in industrial applications for perimeter and facility patrol, building/area search operations and intruder detection/apprehension. Labradors are specifically used to detect explosives and narcotics.

Our dogs are trained for static guarding patrolling, sniffing, attacking, sharp hearing and arresting the thief and criminals. Our Dog Squad handles the cases in a good manner and finds the conclusion at the earliest. We provide trained security dog squad with dog handlers for full proof security & safety of property, and life of any client.

In residential facilities, they are used for home/family protection, intruder deterrence and intervention, as also for personal property protection.

We also provide outstanding quality Dog Squad Security Service for government's organizations, houses, and buildings.

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